Rare and valuable animals are threatened by illegal hunting wild animals

Each year, thousands of wildlife species become extinct. These animals have ever wandered around the Earth in mass of droves; but now they permanently disappeared from our planet with a terribly high speed. Scientists estimate that the current extinction speed is 1000 times as high as normal speed. What has caused extinction rate rapidly increased like that? Any one use MACOX? this video to show you how to take a screenshot on a mac. Click to watch this.
The simplest but most worrisome answer is: human. Apart from consumption too many natural resources, a more worrisome trend threatening wildlife is illegal hunting wild animals (2) and illegal trading wild animals. Matter of poaching and smuggling wild animals and their body parts on the black market are on the rise. The growing demand for products derived from some typical terrestrial animal species such as elephants, rhinos and tigers not only threaten those animal species but also threaten the peace, health and the prosperity of the resident living near them.
Besides being killed for their meat, wild animals are being killed for their organs. These parts are used to process the folk medicines in Asia and for decorative purposes. For examples: rhinoceros horns are used to make the stock of dagger and fever medicines; ivories are used to make inexpensive jewelry; and tiger fur skins are used to dress or make attached accessories.



Rhinoceros in Zimbabwe and neighboring countries belonging to the south of South Africa as well as the Javan Rhinoceros distributed in the Indonesian islands, spanning the whole of Southeast Asia to India and China are seriously threatened in danger by illegal hunting wild animals to trade the horns to Asian markets. During the period from 1970 to 1992, 96% of Africa Black Rhinoceros was killed in a wave of poaching to take the horns; mainly due to longstanding belief in folk medicines of traditional Oriental medicine that rhinoceros horns may lower the fever and other diseases, including the cancer. This black market exists  themselves durably and could sell at up to $ 30,000 per kilogram of rhino horn, although there is evidence that rhino horn has no medical value.



Gabon is a place was once considered as the paradise of the African forest elephant, because there are more than half of the African forest elephants, about 40,000 elephants, living here. The conservation experts have ever thought that Gabon is a safe place for African forest elephants. But the elephant ivory in Gabon is something attractive to poachers because they are very hard and have pink color. So elephant hunting at here was beyond the control of the government. Poachers have killed more than 11,000 elephants, account for 44-77% of the number of elephants in Gabon, for their ivories since 2004. It is said that the high demand for jewelry and other products from ivory in Asian makes the poachers promote killing elephants in recent years. Similarly, in Minkebe national park, there are about 50 to 100 elephants killed each day in 2011. Only in 2011, the poachers killed about 25,000 African elephants all over the world.


In the early 1990s, the world’s tiger population is estimated to be over 100,000. Today, 97% of this population has been wiped off. It just remains below 3,200 tigers. Although most of the traditional remedies are not harmful to the animals and the environment, the folk remedies requiring beard, fat, skin and bone are threatening to wipe this vulnerable type of animals out.
Moreover, South American river turtles, Tarsier short monkeys, Okapi, freshwater dolphins and so on are typical wild animal species seriously threatened by number because of excessively hunting issue for meat, egg and other organs.

15 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Gun Safe

A famed Hindu mythological scripture called Mahabharatha accounts a legendary incident involving one of its heroes. Karna possessed an unbreakable shield making him invincible. In the epic, it was told that he offered his shield to one of the Devas. As a consequence, that made him vulnerable. “Though Karna was a brave and fearsome warrior, he let his opponents a chance by offering his shield.”

reason to have gun safe

This story may be likened to owning a gun and a gun safe. If you own a gun, yet is hesitant to buy a gun safe, like Karna, you might end up in distress. Obviously, guns are inanimate. They do not have minds of their own. The purpose of the gun is determined by its owner.

 When you own a gun, a best gun safe on the market is a non-negotiable. Below are just some of the reasons why:

  1. It determines the use. When burglars take control of your gun, it spells of untold consequences. A gun owner has the primary responsibility of securing his or her gun from theft or illegal possession. Negligence in this case foretells devastating effects. Needless to say, numerous incidents have been reported where stolen guns have been used in spreading violence and furthering illegal activities.
  1. It keeps your family safe. It is common sense that it is unwise to place your guns within easy reach. Curious kids might get excited at the thought of seeing an actual gun and would take pains in trying to view it. Without a gun safe, you are placing your own family at risk instead of protecting them.
  1. It makes you exercise your rights responsibly. The right to bear arms is a freedom we enjoy. Logically, this right afforded to us comes with a responsibility to be vigilant in its exercise. By owning a gun safe, you are also protecting your community.
  1. It makes you observe access prevention laws. Our gun regulations require that we keep our guns from our children’s way.  When you purchase a gun safe, you are promoting observance of these laws.
  1. It can also store your other valuables. Your gun safe can also keep safe your other valuables aside from your gun.
  1. It protects your gun from disasters. When disasters such as fire or flood strike, your gun safe will keep your guns from these dangers.
  1. It prevents rusting. When guns are kept in an open environment, they are made vulnerable to rust. Owning a gun safe will avoid exposure to this concern.
  1. It eases the risk of loss. Your insurance coverage in case of loss of your gun may not pay as much as you expect. The wiser approach is to prevent the loss of your gun keeping it safely locked in your gun safe.
  1. It makes you observe the firearm locking devices law: In some jurisdiction, when you own a gun, it is also required that you also own a gun safe. Observance of this regulation not only makes you a responsible gun owner but also a responsible citizen.
  1. It protects you from law suits. As a gun owner, when trouble is brewed arising from the use of your gun, you may open yourself up to litigation. People who may have been wronged involving your gun may sue you. Should you find yourself in this situation, the fact that you place your gun in a gun safe is a good defense.
  1. It makes your gun accessible yet secure. In case a situation arises that you should need your gun, having your gun in a secure and accessible hiding place is advantageous.
  1. It gives you tax reduction benefits. Gun laws afford a tax reduction for gun owners who have decided to purchase a gun safe.
  1. It provides an aesthetic value to your home. Some gun safes are designed to be hidden in plain sight. It is styled in such a way that can be disguised as a decorative item.
  1. It can serve as your concealed space. Gun safes may also be kept hidden in a false wall or compartment. Gun safes will be your go-to place for items you want to keep hidden.
  1. It gives you peace of mind. Knowing that your gun is kept secure will leave you without worry of unintended access to it.

Setting-Up Your AR-15 for Hunting

Despite the limited calibre of the AR-15 as a gun, it has gained popularity as a hunting weapon. While it is expected to expand the number of the calibres in the market; today, you can still set up the AR-15 for hunting.

AR-15 in use

The fast-rising popularity of the AR-15 as a hunting weapon of choice is primarily owed to its convenient customizable feature that may be adjusted on your need. With the AR-15, you can increase the overall performance itself of the weapon itself by using a variety of accessories.  Adding new optics, lights and stock to slings, trigger guard and more just some of the many ways of improving the AR-15 to suit your hunting needs.

Here are some other options:


The barrels come in different sizes and lengths.  The most popular of these are 16”, 18” and 20” versions. The shorter the barrel, the lesser velocity is produced when the bullet is fired. Light weight barrels are easier to carry and may be ideal for your hunting needs.

AR-15 Handguards

AR-15s come in free-floating and non-floating versions. The non-free floating version is connected to a barrel which impacts its accuracy. Free floating handguards on the other hand do not touch the barrel and are more reliable in terms of long range accuracy. A picatinny rail may also be used together with the handguard.

Lower Receiver

To make the weapon lighter or easier to grip when firing, a new lower receiver may be added that could change the trigger, hammer, bolt catch, pistol grip and other details.

Picatinny Rail

Basically, the rail is solid platform where you make a number of add-ons without having to expend so much for major modifications. The rail is made up of brackets where you can mount the scope, the light or the laser light.

AR-15 Stocks

Depending on your needs, you can choose from a fixed or scoped stock. This feature is known widespread as the set up can make a more enjoyable hunting experience. The stocks perfectly fit the arm length and the shoulder for optimum comfort and accuracy. The features of easy installation and low maintenance make the stocks an excellent choice for hunting.

Upper Receiver

Tweaking the upper receiver can change the appearance of the gun as well as the number of ammunition it can carry. Also, modifying the upper receiver can affect the general accuracy of the weapon. The common modifications begin by stripping the upper receiver from which may be utilized as a platform to construct the rest. A lot of options are left to your discretion for modifications be it from changing the calibres to even creating an older version of the gun.

To add more versatile features, you may keep your AR-15 hidden under a camouflage using the Realtree pattern. After making all the detailing of your choice, you can add the Realtree pattern to your weapon or order it from the retailer once the modifications are done. With the all the possible modifications that may be introduced to your AR-15, there’s no reason for you to be all set for your next hunting trip.


Gun Safety At Home

Do you own a gun? Are you mindful of you and your family’s safety? It is a common thought that owning a gun will serve as protection for your family from intrusions, trespasses, theft or and other undesirable circumstances.

Understandably, having a gun around provides an added edge in terms of security. Although, have you ever thought of the harm you might be exposing your family? If properly used, a gun is an invaluable piece of protection. However, aside from being mindful of its use, its maintenance and its storage must also be considered.


Below are just some of the reasons for putting a prime on gun safety at home:

Presence of kids at home

Most of us have kids living at home. With the influence of movies and television, kids would surely know how to pull a trigger. At the sight of a gun, most often than not, kids will treat it as a toy unmindful of any consequences.  A child as young as three years old is capable of unconsciously pulling the trigger. This presents a potential harm to them and to the others.

Trespassing and Intrusion

Reading those words above, your first thought might have been to reach for your gun. But should the situation be reversed, I’m certain you wouldn’t want that thief or trespasser to have access to your gun. This circumstance could be likely if your gun is not stowed away safely.

Physical Damage

Today, firearms have been designed to be efficient, accurate and powerful. Keeping your gun in a safe place can not only protect your property from any physical damage; but also prevent any wear and tear to it.

To keep your gun safely a home, you may want to consider these points:

Trigger Locks

Trigger locks are one of the easiest ways to ensure your gun is in safe mode. It works by holding the trigger thereby preventing it from pressed.  By locking the trigger, the gun is prevented from being unconsciously fired.

Trigger locks are often come upon purchase of a new gun. If not, they are conveniently accessible and affordable. At most, a trigger lock will only cost you $15.

Soft-side and Hard-Side Gun Cases

When you visit a sporting goods store, you might have chanced upon these type of cases. These cases come in different sizes to fit various types of guns available.  The designs range from padded to rugged-foam. These cases are designed for easy transport.  Primarily, its purpose is to protect the gun from physical damage and mishandling.

Each case is designed to fit a particular gun. For example, a shotgun should have a unique case from that of a rifle. Getting the specific gun case designed for your gun can save it from edges and collisions with other objects.

Strong Cases

Originally, strong boxes were made out of wood. Nowadays, these cases are made of metal and provide a sensible choice for protecting your gun and keeping it away from children. Although strong cases are heavier compared to the soft-side ones, any issues on its weight far outweighs its benefits.

 Also, it comes with a security system in order to exclude access to anyone but you. The security system can range from finger print scanning to electronic push buttons ensuring its safety.

Gun Safe

A safe is the wisest option for keeping your gun secure and protected from external damage. A gun safe can cost between $500 to $2500. While a gun safe is a more expensive choice than those presented above, it is the widely preferred option nowadays.

Your family’s safety is priceless. Do not compromise. Do not scrimp on gun safety.


Securing your gun with a gun safe part 2

In the part 1 you can check here. Now we continue discover the rest of tips to securing your gun:

Door Seal

If you’re in the look-out for a budget-friendly safe, your primary consideration must be the door-seal. Manufacturers of a cheap safe of an inferior quality may offer for sale one without any door-sealing.

gun owner part 2

A door-seal is vital as it keeps out moisture. This minimizes exposure to rust, dust, heat and fire. Proper sealing avoids the possibility of fire by containing the air inside. Hence, no combustion would take place.

A door-seal will also protect your gun and other assets from exposure to water. By using a quality sealing strip, water is kept out of your safe for a longer time compared to that of an average safe.


Manufacturers of a gun safe may warrant of being able to contain quantities of firearms. Fitting these pieces of firearms in your safe must be with the consideration in mind that you protect your gun from damage. Choosing the material making up the safe is crucial to this.

Gun experts recommend, if you plan on fitting 20 guns inside your safe, you better buy one that could contain 30 guns. This is expedient since when you need to take out a particular gun, there’s no need to go through the entire pile of armory.

Interiors matter for cushioning purposes. Interiors maintain the edges of your gun.

It must also be considered that the edges of your gun is the first to rust. An interior lighting must be considered as well.

Locking Mechanism

There are different types of locks available to a safe. It can range from a traditional lock to a digital one. In considering the locking mechanism, some people place prime on the design, look and feel of the locks rather than security. While digital locks may appear sophisticated, it proves to be weak in terms of security.

 It is interesting to know that rotary combination dial locks are still widely used today. Some prefer electronic locks. However an electronic lock of good quality proves to be much costly than the rotary combination locks.

When you commit to these considerations, surely, you will help you feel secure with your safe.


Securing you gun with a gun safe part 1

A lot of people are gun aficionados for different reasons. Some own them for protection. Others possess them for hunting purposes. A number keep them for recreation. Whatever may be each gun owner’s purpose, buying a gun is the easy segment in the stewardship of a firearm. The tricky part involves the handling and maintenance.

gun owner

Owning a gun requires accountability. Being a gun owner entails responsibility to your family as well as to your country. “To keep your gun safe, you need a safe”. Consider your gun safe an investment. If you spend much on your gun, do not scrimp on your gun safe.

In some states like California, should your gun be ever stolen because you do not own a gun safe, you expose yourself to liability. Buying a gun safe might prove to be more cumbersome than buying a gun itself. Like buying a gun, you also have to consider the different designs, sizes and types available in the market.

Here are some considerations you need to take note in buying a gun safe.


Obviously, the size of your safe is an important consideration. It is apparent that your safe must be bigger than your gun. This will protect your gun from damage.  Most often than not, people interested in guns tend to acquire more than just one piece of firearm. Buy a gun safe with the thought in mind that you might be purchasing other pieces to store in your safe. Of course, a gun safe could also contain your other important assets.


The common mantra when it comes to weight is, “The lighter, the better”. This does not apply when it comes to buying a safe. A heavy safe is always preferred. An ideal weight for an average weight and sized safe is 750 pounds.  Although, transporting this asset might prove challenging. It will require a professional crew to transport a one-tonne safe. Needless to say, it will cost you to shell out a little more.

Fire Protection

Your safe must be able to withstand disasters such as fire. Do not trust a guarantee which claims a safe will remain intact over a certain temperature. This is an incredible assertion.

The wiser approach is to check a safe’s fire ratings prior to making a purchase. However, fire ratings can also be relative depending on your location. Different countries have a different standards for rating methods. Thus, when checking for fire ratings, check the local surveys. Ask your local dealer about this.

Usually, a safe is made of sheet-rock or ceramic wool. Between the two materials, ceramic wool is of better quality. Since the price of your safe will also depend on the material used, expectedly, ceramic wool is a more expensive choice.


How to protect your guns

The number of people buying guns are increasing exponentially. The statistics also show the same phenomenon in terms of accidents involving guns. We have often heard of children accidentally firing a gun.  Aside from this risk, owning a gun also means running the risk of it being stolen, exposed to accidental fire, flood and other environmental factors.  These risks cannot just be ignored. Here are some ways to protect your gun:

  1. Buy a gun safe.

In protecting guns, the primary option for making your gun free from risks of untoward incidents is by purchasing a gun safe. Getting a gun safe is a highly reliable option for protecting your guns. This of course comes with a proviso that you invest in one made of good quality.

gun safe

When you buy a cheap gun safe, you can’t expect it to be as reliable as that of the quality manufactured ones. Not all gun safes are created equal.  A gun safe will provide the high-end security it offers when you are willing to spend for its value. Though costly than most options, gun safes will be provide you with a full proof choice you can trust.

A quality made gun safe will protect your gun from burglars. Robust gun safes are harder to crack than other types.  Burglars will hesitate to spend time cracking it since it will require some time before it breaks.

Aside from the threat of burglary, gun safes also protect your gun from disasters like fire and flood.  While fire safes are designed to protect your valuables in case of fire, a gun safe will protect you from all types of risks. It offers a well-rounded protection for your firearms.

  1. Buy a dehumidifier.

Aside from buying a gun safe, you also need a dehumidifier. Inside the gun safe or the room where you keep your gun, might be too humid. Since guns are made of iron, exposing it to humidity might make your gun rusty. Investing on a dehumidifier will prevent this from happening. Dehumidifiers work by either controlling or removing humidity from its surroundings. A variety of dehumidifiers are available in the market to suit your budget.

  1. Other methods.

In addition to the above methods and techniques discussed, there are also custom made techniques available. A model for this protection method is a pepper spray booby trap for gun safes. Another option is to build a concealed space for gun safe. This secreted space will help keep your gun safe private and secure.

Depending on your budget and living space, you can have a variety of options to choose from to protect your guns.